Career opportunitites at Szanca Solutions, Inc.
Careers with Szanca Solutions, Inc.

We recognize that the lifeline of this company is our employees and retaining them is one of our top priorities. Therefore, Szanca Solutions is constantly looking at ways to improve the quality of life, and pay and benefits for our employees. We are continuously looking for cost effective ways to provide benefits comparable to the larger corporations yet, at the same time, keeping our costs within reason so that we can provide quality personnel to our customers at a cost effective price. We have taken great efforts to maintain a personal touch with each and every employee and ensure that they are getting the Szanca Solutions staff support necessary to allow them to focus on supporting the customer.

We recognize that for an employee to grow and feel rewarded in their profession there has to be an opportunity for them to enhance their capabilities. Therefore, offering assistance with training is a cornerstone in our commitment to the morale and welfare of our employees. We offer up to $3000 per year in training to each employee.

We realize that each employee wants the opportunity to grow with the company. Therefore our commitment to the growth of Szanca in our areas of focus will provide the opportunity for each employee to broaden and advance through the ranks The majority of our current managers and site leads started as operators in their areas of expertise.  

We are continuously looking for Top Secret cleared professionals in many service areas to include linguistics, intelligence analysis, systems engineering, integrated technologies, administration, acquisitions, and program management.If you are interested in finding out what might be available for you, please send your resume to and a recruiter will be in touch with you.

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